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America a deadbeat nation?

13 March, 2009

In a rare bit of candor, United Nations Secretary-General, read “Head Socialist In Charge,” Ban Ki-Moon declared the United Sates to be a deadbeat nation for paying our United Nations “dues” late on a regular basis. In usual form, the spineless White House, through its unphotopress secretary Robert Gibbs said Ki-Moon’s words were “unfortunate.”

Hey, here’s an idea! Why not tell the little toad to get bent? Why not point out that America doesn’t “owe” the United Nations a dime. Ever! Why not point out the rents due on that mausoleum call the U.N. headquarters in New York City? It’s a bit hypocritical of him to slander the United States for contributing 22% of the U.N. operating budget on our timetable when his own home country of South Korea contributes nothing. Then there’s the whole part about there not being a South Korea for Ki-Moon to be from had not 169,365 Americans become casualties fighting for his little nation to be free. Just another reason for all freedom loving americans to agitate for our nation to jettison this socialist apparatus.


Politics vs. The Law

12 March, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio attracts controversy like leftists attract scandals. He has been vilified for years for simply doing his job – upholding the law. What makes him worse in the eyes of liberals is that this man enforces the law without prejudice. The Arizona county Arpaio serves is on the Mexican border and, naturally, places him in a position to detain and arrest pant loads of illegal aliens, a sacred class to the American left and Democrat party.sheriff_joe

Emboldened by the election of the B. Hussein “The Pied Piper” Obama, some unsavory members of Congress have asked the United States Department of Justice to investigate Sheriff Arpaio for alleged “civil rights” violations of those poor illegal aliens illegally crossing our National border to illegally take jobs that would otherwise go to American citizens. Since illegal non-citizens do not have rights in this nation, I am not sure why the DOJ is even bothering with the request from, drum roll please: John Conyers(D), Jerrold Nadler(D), Zoe Lofgren(D), and Robert Scott(D). I guess there is some “good ol’ comrade” network going on here between these leftist congressmen and the Pied Piper’s DOJ cronies. Interestingly, the aforementioned Congressmen are aided and abetted by ACORN and, get this, the National Day Laborer Organizer Network.

This entire sham stinks of leftists pandering to one of their largest voting blocks – illegal aliens. I guess the fact that the local county population continues to re-elect Arpaio is somehow lost on these wet-panted limousine liberals. We can only hope that Sheriff Joe will tell these Congressional swine and the DOJ to get stuffed and that the rule of law will prevail.

Even the Europeans are against debt?

11 March, 2009

In a stunning announcement, the finance ministers of the 27 nation European Union made it known yesterday that they are not for piling up more debt in an effort to “stimulate” the economy. Can anyone tell me how it is that European socialists can see the danger of Obama’s bailout plan but our own home grown socialists cannot? It’s a mystery that needs solving!obama_car

I think this says it all.

9 March, 2009


The Straw Man Cometh

4 March, 2009

rush_limbaughApparently, the Democrat party is so unafraid of the Republican party and their new Flo-ridin’ chairman Michael Steele, they have decided to go after what they feel is their most powerful opponent – talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Now, I do not think anyone would debate the frightening size of the all pompous Maha-Rushie’s ego, however, when the ruling party in American politics views a pundit at their top opponent, the opposition party should view that as a wake up call. Unfortunately, the GOP, Grannified Old Punks, are trying the same old tactics and tossing out the same old canards. Looks like it will be business as usual in Washington for the foreseeable forever, comrades.

Still deeper into the morass.

1 March, 2009

This just in! Great Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown is just as goofy as our own President Pied Piper!


 In a stunning bit of socialist optimism, the UK’s “leader” has suggested that our own President Boy Blunder join him in creating a “global New Deal.”This is more a ploy to bolster the upcoming G20 summit, to be held in England, than a real plan for recovery. Presumably, in Brown’s “deal” the United States will not only champion the global handout, I mean, bailout, but also foot a significant portion of the bill. To prove he isn’t entirely goofy, he has also stated that he’s ready to lower income taxes to jump start the economy of the UK.

It’s a crazy world and crazier Congress.

26 February, 2009

In an interesting twist, Nancy Pelosi has come out against a gun ban! New Attorney General and race baiter Eric Holder mentioned Wednesday that the Obama administration was going to push to renew the assault weapons ban that lapsed under the Bush administration. One day later, it appears that the House Democrat party leader is raining on Holder’s parade. Is this real belief that the laws we have are suffieient, as she claims, or is this simply pragmatism borne of the realization that the Obama budget is about to land all of Congress in serious hot water with the electorate? What’s next from the house leadership? A call for fiscal responsibility? Time will tell…