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The government grab is on!

24 March, 2009

If our economic woes weren’t enough, now Treasury Secretary Geithner wants carte blanche to seize financial companies that are not banks: large insurance firms, investment firms, and so on. The fact that the government doesn’t have the power to execute such a grab doesn’t seem to timmygbother him. Timmy seems to be under the false impression that Americans want the government to take over the entire financial industry and so plans to lobby Congress for the extraordinary powers. Being in the Pied Piper’s reality distortion zone, Geithner could be forgiven for his antics, if his personal history was not riddles with support for left-leaning economics. The icing on the cake? B. Hussein Obama has allied his administration with this affront to American economic liberty.

The most dangerous aspect of Timmy G’s plan is that he consistently uses the term “seize.” Folks, this is no bailout, no government safety net, it is a government power grab. Americans are very aware that anything the government runs will become overgrown, unwieldy, and unuseful over time. Likewise, any power held by the government will be abused sooner or later. Geithner is asking for the power to take over financial businesses as he sees fit whether those business need or want government help. This is socialism. This is unAmerican. This needs to be stopped. As the drama of the economy unfolds around the Obama plan to take over American financial institutions “for the common good,” I am left to wonder how long it will be before our personal liberties are similarly confiscated.

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