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Say it ain’t so!

22 March, 2009

In yet another Earth shattering revelation, our government apparently knew all about the AIG bonus plans along with the bonus plans of other companies being “bailed out.” From the snippets of emails included, it looks like the Bush treasury department was loathe to get involved. After all, the government has consistently maintained, in both the Bush and Obama administrations, that these moneys are loans not buy outs, so, why would they putdodd_obama strings on the money? In fact it appears that Treasury officials actually opposed limiting bonuses to AIG, during the first round of bail out negotiations.

Add to this the obvious complicity of both Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and the Pied Piper himself, both recipients of huge cash campaign donations from newly evil AIG, and you have a melee the Keystone Cops would be embarrassed to participate in. Luckily, it appears that Dodd’s antics are going to cost him at the polls.

The worst part of this entire debacle is that the Congress is now trying to retroactively tax their way out of a jam they created. Why isn’t anyone demanding that the leaders of Congress resign for such a bungling?

And citizens wonder why other nations don’t take us seriously…

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