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More Congressional Antics

18 March, 2009

Once again, the American Congress shows that it is a carnival of fools. After Obama Claus took office and promised free money for everyone, the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress gushed and rushed to pass an unprecedented expenditure of the American taxpayers funds to “save” poorly run America businesses. In their rush to flush the financial future of the nation away, the Congress, controlled by the Democrat, read Socialist, Party, seems to have given little or any thought to exactly how all the government handouts would be spent by the aforementioned businesses. In typical knee-jerk leftist fashion, they simply turned on the money spigot, despite the hue and cry from the constituents the American Congress serves. (Interestingly, the Democrat, read Socialist, Party claims to be the party of the common man. They regularly excoriate the right for ignoring the voices of the governed. Odd then that they would so ignore those same voices when serving their own agenda. In typical fashion, the left simply wants things everyone to do as they say not as they do.)

Now comes AIG, the enormous international insurance and financial company, who gleefully elbowed its way to the front of the handout line. The company painfully outlined their financial woes for the Congress and begged that the government not let them fail. The Congress was only too willing to give them their handout.

congressAs it turns out, AIG took the government welfare check, cashed it, and disbursed some $450,000,000 in “bonus” payments to members of its financial products unit. When this tidbit hit the airwaves, there was, of course, a huge clamor from the media about the evils of corporations, the obligatory naysaying from “activists,” “watchdogs,” and other concerned parties. Having realized by now they might have rushed to spend taxpayers into ruin funding economic “stimulus,” our Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress now demands answers as to why these payments were made.

I am not the smartest guy around, but, it seems to me that the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress has been caught with their collective pants down. In their rush to “stimulate” they even added amendments to the handouts that specifically protected bonus payouts. These amendments submitted by Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, Democrat, who received campaign contributions in excess of $100, 000 from, guess who, AIG. Of course Dodd denies he submitted the amendments and demands accountability but the facts, as they usually do, run contrary to the Senator’s remonstrations.

The stage is set for the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress, scampering to cover is oafish mistakes in doling out mountains of taxpayer monies, to “fix” this greed problem in the “stimulus” plan through more government control. The CEO of AIG has been summoned to Congress to answer for his approving bonus disbursements – I guess paying employees per contractual obligations isn’t good enough for Congress and, in typical Socialist form, Nancy Pelosi wants to pass legislation to force AIG to return the bonus money. Does anyone out there think that there needs to be more government involvement in business?

So, what does all of this mean? Obviously, this is a harsh lesson in what happens when the government meddles in business affairs. The Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress issues funds and now wants to retroactively tell a company how it may use the funds. In essence, they want control over the financial operation of the business. Fundamentally in a free market economy, the government simply cannot become a business partner. Business should be forced to stand or fall on its own. Americans take pride in their collective disbelief that their government has the sense to come in from the rain and this belief makes the hysteria around Obama Claus and the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress “economic stimulus” so dangerous. When Americans abrogate control of their economy to the government, bad things are going to happen. Hopefully, this little escapade will shock open some eyes as to the dangers of the Pied Piper’s socialist administration and a Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress. Ugh. I need Rolaids.

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  1. culturalcapitol permalink
    18 March, 2009 10:16 am

    Right. As long as criminals vote for our politicians we should keep out of their business.

  2. hobnailer permalink*
    18 March, 2009 10:59 am

    Steal from the “poor?” Could you be any more leftist cliche? AIG may be greedy and poorly run, but, if they were “stealing,” which is against the law, they would be under prosecution by the government. Obviously, that isn’t happening.

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