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Politics vs. The Law

12 March, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio attracts controversy like leftists attract scandals. He has been vilified for years for simply doing his job – upholding the law. What makes him worse in the eyes of liberals is that this man enforces the law without prejudice. The Arizona county Arpaio serves is on the Mexican border and, naturally, places him in a position to detain and arrest pant loads of illegal aliens, a sacred class to the American left and Democrat party.sheriff_joe

Emboldened by the election of the B. Hussein “The Pied Piper” Obama, some unsavory members of Congress have asked the United States Department of Justice to investigate Sheriff Arpaio for alleged “civil rights” violations of those poor illegal aliens illegally crossing our National border to illegally take jobs that would otherwise go to American citizens. Since illegal non-citizens do not have rights in this nation, I am not sure why the DOJ is even bothering with the request from, drum roll please: John Conyers(D), Jerrold Nadler(D), Zoe Lofgren(D), and Robert Scott(D). I guess there is some “good ol’ comrade” network going on here between these leftist congressmen and the Pied Piper’s DOJ cronies. Interestingly, the aforementioned Congressmen are aided and abetted by ACORN and, get this, the National Day Laborer Organizer Network.

This entire sham stinks of leftists pandering to one of their largest voting blocks – illegal aliens. I guess the fact that the local county population continues to re-elect Arpaio is somehow lost on these wet-panted limousine liberals. We can only hope that Sheriff Joe will tell these Congressional swine and the DOJ to get stuffed and that the rule of law will prevail.

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