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Why the GOP is not a winner.

25 February, 2009

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal really is a good politician. He’s smart, he gets things done, and he articulates the conservative message very well. I suppose it’s not impossible to see why the GOP leadership picked this relatively obscure Southern governor to be the face of rebuttal to the Pied Piper’s address. But!(There’s always a “but”) jindal1Bobby Jindal is about as exciting as watching mud dry. Jindal said all the right things last night, he just said them in a really bland way; supporting the musty old coot stereotype of GOP members. Why on Earth the new “improved” GOP leadership(lackeyship?) didn’t pick someone more charismatic is beyond my meager skills to discern. Even the mighty Rush Limbaugh weighed in and said that Jindal did great, despite the bland delivery, and anyone who said different wasn’t a real conservative. El Rushbo went on to say that conservatives didn’t need someone with panache to regain control of the government. In general, I think his Rushness is on target and I get a ton of laughs as he gigs the left. On this rebuttal issue, well, Maha Rushie, someone is standing on your air hose. The election of the empty suit known as Barack Obama proves that Americans can and will elect a candidate based upon his suave delivery. In order for freedom loving Americans to stop the march of the limousine liberals a cool cogent message must be crafted for the American electorate. It is no longer enough to have the best ideas. Today, you need to have great packaging and marketing. Mr. Limbaugh and other powerful voices of the conservative movement would do well to heed this trend. Until that blessed day arrives, the GOP and conservatism will be a punching bag for the left.

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