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The first sermon from the Hill

25 February, 2009

You know, you gotta hand it to him. The Pied Piper can make a speech. The sad news is that it was all hot air. He spoke endlessly of hope and the promise of tomorrow. Of course, he plugged his various bailouts, spoke about “green collar” jobs (ack!), and promised to liberate us from dependence on foreign oil by pressing alternative fuel sources, like solar energy, which we Americans evidently invented.


 Oh yeah, that’s gonna work. What he didn’t provide was a very detailed plan about the “hows.” He spoke a lot about huge increases in spending while slashing the deficit but I still cannot figure out how those two can coexist. There were a lot of allusions to taxing the evil rich, which now seems to encompass all Americans who still pay taxes, and a lot of thinly veiled class warfare rhetoric. Never has socialism been so touted from the Oval Office. Truly, it was a sad moment in the history of America. So, here are some interesting reads about his Piedness’ talk. Some fact checking from Fox news. From the AP comes a report about Obama’s fear mongering, you know, “the day of reckoning.” The only thing worse than his speech was the Republican response, by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. More on that later….

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