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More spending…

19 February, 2009
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obama-falling-money11Having signed the economic pork bowl called “stimulus,” President Obama Claus now wants to spend another 275 billion dollars to fix the housing market and stop foreclosures. It seems to be an accepted fact that our “crisis” was born of government mandates started in the Carter administration and expanded by Bill Clinton. So, having forced lenders to make unsound loans, our government has created this economic disaster. Now, in typical leftist fashion, the new administration wants to spend its way out of debt. Can anyone tell me where it is stated in Obama’s plan that lenders can once again deny the unqualified? If this simple provision isn’t included, then the “housing industry bailout” is nothing more than welfare and more debt burden on our children and grandchildren. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be any “stimulus” to jump start home building or buying….

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