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Good beer is a good thing

15 October, 2008

Took the afternoon off. It’s mid-October, in the upper 70’s, and just about perfect outside. Finally sat down with some Sweetwater Brewing Company Motor Boat. I try to support the local guys when I can but I have had a hit and miss relationship with the Sweetwater gang. By their own admission, they produce aggressive West Coast beer styles. In plain English, this means their beers are over hopped. That’s where I have trouble.

For me, almost all American craft beer is over hopped for their styles. If you love IPA and want your pilsner, ESB, Saisson, Maibock, etc. to all taste like IPA, the “aggressive” West Coast stlye is for you. Me? I like a difference. Needless to say, I was surprised with Sweetwater’s seasonal called Motor Boat. It’s their take on English ESB(Extra Special Bitter). While this certainly isn’t Fuller’s, this beer is really good. It’s got all the flavor profile of the English ESB but more hoppiness. The hops adds a nice bite to the otherwise sweet beer.

This beer will never win a true style contest but on a warm fall afternoon, with the grill going, it’s a winner!

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