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Simply unbelievable…

26 March, 2009

orrin_hatch_official_photoWith all the economic woes and unrest over the Pied Piper’s socialism, it appears hat the Senate has found time to look into the scandal that is big time college football and the BCS process. Yes, you read that right. The Senate of the United States has so little on their plate, they are actually going to have hearings on how teams are chosen for BCS bowls at the end of the year.

I believe that any fan of college football would agree the BCS is more of a beauty contest than an actual scientific selection process for National Championship candidates. So, why the interest? Well, it appears that Senator Orrin Hatch, of Utah, is looking into things since his Utah Utes weren’t given a championship bid after going undefeated. Gee, won’t sports be better if our government ensures all outcomes are “fair!”

I am going to start ordering Rolaids by the case….


The government grab is on!

24 March, 2009

If our economic woes weren’t enough, now Treasury Secretary Geithner wants carte blanche to seize financial companies that are not banks: large insurance firms, investment firms, and so on. The fact that the government doesn’t have the power to execute such a grab doesn’t seem to timmygbother him. Timmy seems to be under the false impression that Americans want the government to take over the entire financial industry and so plans to lobby Congress for the extraordinary powers. Being in the Pied Piper’s reality distortion zone, Geithner could be forgiven for his antics, if his personal history was not riddles with support for left-leaning economics. The icing on the cake? B. Hussein Obama has allied his administration with this affront to American economic liberty.

The most dangerous aspect of Timmy G’s plan is that he consistently uses the term “seize.” Folks, this is no bailout, no government safety net, it is a government power grab. Americans are very aware that anything the government runs will become overgrown, unwieldy, and unuseful over time. Likewise, any power held by the government will be abused sooner or later. Geithner is asking for the power to take over financial businesses as he sees fit whether those business need or want government help. This is socialism. This is unAmerican. This needs to be stopped. As the drama of the economy unfolds around the Obama plan to take over American financial institutions “for the common good,” I am left to wonder how long it will be before our personal liberties are similarly confiscated.

Say it ain’t so!

22 March, 2009

In yet another Earth shattering revelation, our government apparently knew all about the AIG bonus plans along with the bonus plans of other companies being “bailed out.” From the snippets of emails included, it looks like the Bush treasury department was loathe to get involved. After all, the government has consistently maintained, in both the Bush and Obama administrations, that these moneys are loans not buy outs, so, why would they putdodd_obama strings on the money? In fact it appears that Treasury officials actually opposed limiting bonuses to AIG, during the first round of bail out negotiations.

Add to this the obvious complicity of both Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and the Pied Piper himself, both recipients of huge cash campaign donations from newly evil AIG, and you have a melee the Keystone Cops would be embarrassed to participate in. Luckily, it appears that Dodd’s antics are going to cost him at the polls.

The worst part of this entire debacle is that the Congress is now trying to retroactively tax their way out of a jam they created. Why isn’t anyone demanding that the leaders of Congress resign for such a bungling?

And citizens wonder why other nations don’t take us seriously…

Look! It’s Dodd in a jar!

20 March, 2009

doddjarMy how things change when it’s your bacon sizzling…

More Congressional Antics

18 March, 2009

Once again, the American Congress shows that it is a carnival of fools. After Obama Claus took office and promised free money for everyone, the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress gushed and rushed to pass an unprecedented expenditure of the American taxpayers funds to “save” poorly run America businesses. In their rush to flush the financial future of the nation away, the Congress, controlled by the Democrat, read Socialist, Party, seems to have given little or any thought to exactly how all the government handouts would be spent by the aforementioned businesses. In typical knee-jerk leftist fashion, they simply turned on the money spigot, despite the hue and cry from the constituents the American Congress serves. (Interestingly, the Democrat, read Socialist, Party claims to be the party of the common man. They regularly excoriate the right for ignoring the voices of the governed. Odd then that they would so ignore those same voices when serving their own agenda. In typical fashion, the left simply wants things everyone to do as they say not as they do.)

Now comes AIG, the enormous international insurance and financial company, who gleefully elbowed its way to the front of the handout line. The company painfully outlined their financial woes for the Congress and begged that the government not let them fail. The Congress was only too willing to give them their handout.

congressAs it turns out, AIG took the government welfare check, cashed it, and disbursed some $450,000,000 in “bonus” payments to members of its financial products unit. When this tidbit hit the airwaves, there was, of course, a huge clamor from the media about the evils of corporations, the obligatory naysaying from “activists,” “watchdogs,” and other concerned parties. Having realized by now they might have rushed to spend taxpayers into ruin funding economic “stimulus,” our Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress now demands answers as to why these payments were made.

I am not the smartest guy around, but, it seems to me that the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress has been caught with their collective pants down. In their rush to “stimulate” they even added amendments to the handouts that specifically protected bonus payouts. These amendments submitted by Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, Democrat, who received campaign contributions in excess of $100, 000 from, guess who, AIG. Of course Dodd denies he submitted the amendments and demands accountability but the facts, as they usually do, run contrary to the Senator’s remonstrations.

The stage is set for the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress, scampering to cover is oafish mistakes in doling out mountains of taxpayer monies, to “fix” this greed problem in the “stimulus” plan through more government control. The CEO of AIG has been summoned to Congress to answer for his approving bonus disbursements – I guess paying employees per contractual obligations isn’t good enough for Congress and, in typical Socialist form, Nancy Pelosi wants to pass legislation to force AIG to return the bonus money. Does anyone out there think that there needs to be more government involvement in business?

So, what does all of this mean? Obviously, this is a harsh lesson in what happens when the government meddles in business affairs. The Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress issues funds and now wants to retroactively tell a company how it may use the funds. In essence, they want control over the financial operation of the business. Fundamentally in a free market economy, the government simply cannot become a business partner. Business should be forced to stand or fall on its own. Americans take pride in their collective disbelief that their government has the sense to come in from the rain and this belief makes the hysteria around Obama Claus and the Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress “economic stimulus” so dangerous. When Americans abrogate control of their economy to the government, bad things are going to happen. Hopefully, this little escapade will shock open some eyes as to the dangers of the Pied Piper’s socialist administration and a Democrat, read Socialist, Party controlled Congress. Ugh. I need Rolaids.

No, I didn’t make this up!

17 March, 2009

Oh, those crafty Germans. Who would have believed that anyone would think that using the Pied Piper’s name would help sell a product? Well, thanks to an enterprising German frozen food company, we’ll get to find out. It’s Obama Fingers! Fried chicken bits with a tasty curry sauce. Delicious irony? I think so!

Obama Fingers

Beauty and brains!

15 March, 2009

Ann Coulter. Few names elicit a more animated response among America’s leftists. I finally satanncoulter1 down and read the latest of this great polemist’s books. Guilty chronicles the need of the left to cry foul and claim victim status in every thing they do. The book is entertaining and spares no sacred leftist cow from well deserved excoriation. The bonus is that Ms. Coulter also hammers weak kneed “conservatives” for, well, being weak.

All in all, this book was a pleasure to read and certainly led me to wonder what America would be like with brave leadership on the right. The book was not without humor and as I sat reading, I had continual mental scenes of Al Frankin’s head exploding, James Carville’s head exploding, and Nancy Pelosi’s face melting into a Tammy Faye Bakker clown mask. Did I mention that Ms. Coulter is beautiful, approximately six feet tall, and, most importantly, single? Holy cow! Beauty and brains! There is no more exciting combination. Ann, keep writing and give me a ring! Really!